About Me

I am the interim director of the Think Tank at the Moody School of Communications UT, graduate student at UT Nursing, chaplain, healthcare research consultant and ordained Presbyterian minister based in Austin, Texas.

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Career Highlights

  • 2022 Adjunct Professor at the Seminary of the Southwest teaching a class on death, dying and the ways we care for the unique existential and emotional needs of those in these places.
  • 2021 Worked with activists and affinity groups to stop 74/75 anti-lgbtq bills that were filed in the Texas Legislature. This work included testifying 5 times, 2 press conferences, 3 rallies and a significant amount of earned through seemingly countless interviews and quotes in news outlets. A profile piece from NBC is here.
  • 2021 Health Communication Coach for Healthcare Providers and Program Support for the Health Communications Think Tank at UT.
  • 2021: Admitted as a UT Nursing graduate student
  • 2020: Recurring Pastor at Hope Georgetown
  • 2020: Partnership with UT Austin and Well Med to create patient facing advance care planning tools. A sample of these tools can be found here
  • 2020: Keynoted Utah Presbyterian Women’s Conference, focus on theology, public health and sacred justice.
  • 2019: Adjunct Professor at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary offered an experiential learning model that used a mix of classroom lectures and field placement with hospice teams
  • 2019: Launched and led daily small hospice team meetings so that hot spotting and pro-active interventions could be accomplished at a higher rate.
  • 2019: Partnered with UT Austin and Healthcare Chaplaincy to research advance care planning. Currently in data collection phase.
  • 2018: Built and ran www.texasmost.com for the Texas Medical Orders for Scope of Practice Coalition. Also, served as board member for coalition.
  • 2018: Joined UT and Dell Medical School Think Tank focused on health communication
  • 2018: Offered Grand Rounds Lecture for National Distribution on CHF and Spiritual Support.
  • 2017: Joined Texas Hospital Association and Texas Medical Associations joint workgroup on advance care planning.

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